Your Guide to Staying Fit and Healthy During the Summer Months!

Summer is coming.

(I hope you read that in your best Game of Thrones voice)

May Long Weekend kicks off Canadian summer (even if it is cloudy and windy). This is often when we start to lose some of the post holiday habits that we established after Christmas for the freedom of summer. Here are our top tips for making your health and fitness a priority during our oh-so-short warm months!

  1. Pick 2 days a week that are non-negotiable gym days.  For me, if I don’t get a Sunday workout in, my week starts off all wrong.  A Sunday workout is my non-negotiable workout time.  Maybe Sunday doesn’t make sense for you.  Maybe it’s a Monday.  Pick 2 days and stick to them.
  2. Fill in the other days with our At Home Sweat Options or stay active by enjoying the beautiful weather.  Take a walk through the beautiful Esterhazy Walking Trails, or if you want to spice it up a bit, run through the trails!
  3. Take advantage of all the fresh fruit and veggies that the warmer weather offers.  Eat garden fresh carrots and cucumbers first before filling up on all the other fun stuff.  The best place to get your garden fresh veggies?  The Esterhazy Community Farmers Market, held just east of the Museum.
  4. Hydrate.  If you have spent a lot of time outside in the blazing heat, you might want to consider adding an electrolyte tablet to your water like Nuun tablets, BioSteel, or LMNT.   
  5. Set yourself a drink limit for the day.  I’ll pick a number of drinks that I want to have during the day at the lake and then supplement with non alcoholic beer or Bubly.  My personal favourite non alcoholic beer is Upside Dawn by Athletic Brewing Company (it’s gluten free!).
  6. Have fun!  Our summers are so short.  Have a smore if the mood strikes you.  Enjoy an ice cold beer on the deck.  Don’t deprive yourself.   Fill up on veggies and protein first and then slow down and savour that treat!


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