Why abs are made in the kitchen

Have you ever heard abs are made in the kitchen?

Meaning, you can’t out run, out lift, out workout, a bad diet.  

As much as I want to be not true, it unfortunately is.  And the reason abs are made in the kitchen is a simple one.  Calories in vs. calories out.

Starting a workout program is only part of the equation, and if you ask any avid gym goer, they would tell you it’s the easier part of the equation.  The hard part is dialing in your nutrition.  Summer is coming or a holiday or a special birthday or it’s Friday and someone brought doughnuts to the office.  All of these things can make you feel like you have derailed your progress, which oftentimes leads to the idea that you’ll do an extra workout to burn off those extra calories.  

No matter which nutrition plan you choose, at the end of the day they are all the same.  Calories in vs calories out.  Keto is not a magic pill, Mediterranean isn’t some special secret, Paleo is no more superior.  What makes them successful is when it is something you can stick with.  

Our nutrition coaches are trained in real life nutrition.  They know how to help you have your cake, eat it too, AND get the results you’re after. 



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